VW Headline Black, 20 px.
Headline 440x70         visual 5-pixel grid
pic 01
Structure of the individual elements.
The first paragraph is always on a coloured background. For details on the design and order of these content clips please click on the info button. The text is 5 pixels from the top and, if necessary, also to the lower edge of the frame.
pic 02
Defined structure
The content clip following is identical in structure. The coloured background appears alternately and is omitted in this content clip.
pic 03
Text links
Text links are always located below the copy and are underlined. If several links are used they should be listed below each other. More than 2 have a negative effect on the overall picture.
blind-text-link 2
Keyvisual 165 x 110
Headline  Arial Bold 11px

Banner 165 x 80 Headline Arial Bold 11 px

Last Update  Arial Bold 11 px
Info Info